Collecttix makes elegant and innovative software for commercial collections.

Designed for
Commercial Collection Agencies.

Our software is intuitive and designed to drive productivity. Document management, comprehensive searching with built-in mapping, and smart organizers are just a few features that can help any agency collect more.


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From startup to established agency, Collecttix delivers the tools you need.

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Collecttix has features that can fuel an agency of any size. From thoughtful workflows to insightful reports, see how we can help drive your agency.

Collection Agent Features Video

See how Collecttix enables your agents to streamline their workflow, manage placements, and present a consistent and professional message to both clients and debtors.

Sales Features Video

Collecttix is designed with your sales force in mind too. Learn how we can help organize and manage your sales pipeline, find new clients and keep the ones you have happy.

Management Features Video

Tracking your business has never been easier. Check out how Collecttix gives you insights into collections, sales, and accounting.

Phone and PBX Features Video

Our integrated phone system makes it easy to have sophisticated features once only available to the largest firms. You will enjoy menus, call recording, SMS messaging and, a web based phone.

Collecttix is designed to be both intuitive and simple to use. We leverage technology to simplify, not complicate your life. The only thing you need to use Collecttix, is your browser.

Collecttix runs on the same servers, hardware and networks as your favorite search engines and social networks. We engineered Collecttix to have the highest availability and data protection possible.

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Say goodbye to your phone bill...

Collecttix includes both phone service, and a phone system. You get all of the features you would expect from an expensive phone system, plus great features like call recording, history and SMS.

PBX Included