Responsice design means you can work on any device

Revolutionary Features

Designed from the start to be both intuitive and productive, Collecttix has features to maximize staff productivity. Collecttix delivers brilliant features in a simple and effortless way.

Collecttix is designed to power Collections, Sales, Accounting and Management to work together.

Collecttix has tools and features for every department, keeping everyone on your team in sync. Everyone benefits from tools to make each task as simple and elegant as possible.

Collection Agent Features

See how Collecttix enables your agents to streamline their workflow, manage placements, and present a consistent and professional message to both clients and debtors.

Sales Features

Collecttix is designed with your sales force in mind too. Learn how we can help organize and manage your sales pipeline, find new clients and keep the ones you have happy.

Management Features

Tracking your business has never been easier. Check out how Collecttix gives you insights into collections, sales, and accounting.

With built-in integration with QuickBooks Online, accounting couldn't be more simple.

Why reinvent the wheel? Collecttix takes the most popular accounting software, and actually makes accounting easy. Our integration with QuickBooks Online save having to enter data twice. Print statements and checks right from QuickBooks Online.

Having fingertip access to documents is a key design feature of Collecttix.

Documents are critical to the recovery process. Spending time looking for them is not. Files can be saved with companies and accounts and are instantly available. Sleep tight knowing every upload is saved on multiple servers across the country.

View and Search.

Most files, including office file formats, are indexed once uploaded and are available for searching. Files can be viewed inline in the standard PDF format so they are readable on most tablets and smartphones. Files can always be downloaded, emailed or faxed.

Uploading is easy.

Collecttix makes it easy to manage and track your documents.

  • Advanced interface makes adding files to an account as easy as drag and drop.

  • Multiple files can be uploaded at once

  • Instant feedback shows if there is a problem

Security is paramount.

Once uploaded, your files are protected. Files are redundantly stored on multiple servers, in different parts of the country. Our systems are engineered for both durability and availability.

Servers are in secure, certified datacenters protected by proven practices, and the most trusted security systems. Data stored on the server in encrypted.

Collecttix utilizes advanced Voice over IP technology to deliver your dial tone over the internet. This provides huge cost savings compared to traditional phone service while bringing new features.

Phones can be either traditional handsets or could be entirely software based. Apps are available for popular smartphones allowing you to get office calls anywhere.

SMS Text Messages are built-in.

Since service is delivered over the internet, there no waiting on the phone company to come and install service. No expensive phone switch to buy.

  • Local & Toll Free numbers
  • Text Messaging
  • Virtually unlimited DIDs
  • Can work with your existing phone service.
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Keep Your Number
  • Caller ID
  • Call Detail Reporting
SMS Messaging is built in.


Collecttix talks to your phone system to offer real-time call reporting.

Call Recording

Calls can be recorded, either on demand or automatically. Files are saved in .mp3 format.

Click to Dial

Phone numbers in the program are hyperlinked and can be called as simply as clicking a link.


Collecttix allows for unlimited extensions and voice mailboxes.

Auto Attendant

Calls can be recorded, either on demand or automatically. Files are saved in .mp3 format.

Vmail = Email

Phone numbers in the program are hyperlinked and can be called as simply as clicking a link.

Pop Screens

Incoming CallerID is automatically matched with records. Company and contact information is presented to agents before the call is answered.

Text Messaging

SMS Messaging is available. Every one can send and receive text messages. Messages are kept in the system providing an easy reference.

With built-in instant messaging, it is easy to stay on top of your game.

Collecttix instant messaging requires no software or configuration. With an easy and intuitive interface, send messages to others. Check a box and the message is instantly saved to an account.

Effective communications is critical to a successful collection. Mail correspondence is still a primary way of resolving disputes. Collecttix recognizes this and offers a brilliant solution.

Generate beautiful letters


Admins create custom templates available to agents. Admins have control over what can be changed by others.


Agents using a simple drag and drop interface to populate required fields can generate letters.

Cost Allocation

A cost can be allocated to letters and associated with accounts and agents.


Generated letters are automatically posted to the account and searchable.


Letters are produced in PDF format complete with your logo and letterhead in full color.


Additional pages like fax coversheets, or payment instructions can be included.

Forward emails to accounts

Easily forward emails to an account or company file. It will be saved, searchable and always available.

Reminders make sure you never forget.

You can set reminders to alert you to follow up with a client or account.

Templates make it easy to look professional.

A simple interface makes it easy to customize and polish your emails and letters.


Collecttix is with security in mind. Control when and where your people can access information with flexible security options.

Nothing to buy

Gone are the days of needing to buy expensive servers, phone systems, and networking equipment. Forget hiring expensive consultants. Everything is online. All you need is a modern web browser, and a capable PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

Work Anywhere

Collecttix is designed to work on mobile devices. Tablets, smartphones, Macs, PCs? we dont care. We designed Collecttix with a eye on the future. No matter what comes next, you will be ready.

Always Updated

Updates are added to frequently. Expect to see new features and enhancement often. Suggestions are welcome on our support page.